Much alike any aspiring artist I am starting a blog about my ‘journey’ into the world of art. However, there are two things that I hope set me out from the crowds and maybe even interest you:
1. I am not an artist and never will be (my handwriting could be used as proof of that), I have never studied art and thus all views are my own.
2. Following the first point, my opinions and what I see from the artist/piece will be uninfluenced and far from the hypocrisy many an artist face from critiquing exhibitions.

I have been with my girlfriend who is studying fine art at Brighton university for almost two years which means I get roped into viewing all sorts of exhibitions and this is where the idea for this blog stemmed from. I myself am studying maths, statistics and financial economics.

All views I have are purely designed to open discussion, I do not mean to offend and I am very open to being proved wrong.

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